Urgent, Equalization of Economic Sector in South and East of West Java

Urgent, Equalization of Economic Sector in South and East of West Java
Illustrated of infrastructure in south West Java
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JAKARTA - Acceleration and equity of economic, industrial and tourism centers in West Java is time to be driven faster. Especially equity to the south and east.

Currently, the center of economy, industry and tourism in West Java still concentrated in the western region. Impact, welfare has not been evenly distributed throughout the region of West Java.

"Therefore, development of these centers in the south and east of West Java should be encouraged, such as in Kertajati, Subang and Cirebon," said Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) of West Java, Agung Suryamal in Jakarta , Wednesday (2/8).

He said, wish of West Java residents are not grandiose. They just want to survive, health improvement, educational improvement, lack of unemployment and increased business opportunities.

"Radicalism that grows in West Java is one of the causes is the high number of ignorance and poverty," said Agung.

He also highlighted the slow development of tourism infrastructure in West Java.
"West Java has many tourist destinations, about 300 tourist destinations. Unfortunately, about 60 percent of tourist destinations infrastructure in West Java has not been built properly," said Agung

As a solution, Agung also invites the private sector to be involved in accelerating the development of tourist attraction in West Java.

"Local governments are no longer able to rely on
Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBD), should involve private investment in this sector," said the man who is now advancing in contestation of West Java Governor Election 2018.

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