There's Good Faith, Government Requested to Oversee First Travel

Theres Good Faith, Government Requested to Oversee First Travel
First Travel office
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JAKARTA - Some time ago, the Ministry of Religious Affairs (Kemenag) has revoked umrah service permit PT First Anugerah Karya Wisata (First Travel). The decision is contained in the letter of the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia numbered B-3005/Dj/Dt.II.I/4/Hj.0/09/2017.

In response that, management of First Travel through his legal counsel, Eggi Sudjana admitted very aggrieved over the decision. First Travel asked Kemenag to cancel the decision.

"The results of the hearing with the Secretary General of Ministry of Religious Affairs, his side asked for a week to explore and learn the objections submitted by First Travel. Because this is legally still in the process, yes we wait," said Eggi Sudjana who accompanied the owner First Travel, Andhika and Aniesa Hasibuan
after visited  Ministry of Religious Affairs office, Jakarta on Wednesday (9/10).

First Travel, continued Eggi, s
aid no loss to the state for what it did. In fact, on the contrary, First Travel actually helps lower society who want umrah with affordable price.

"So the effort of fraud or running the pilgrims money is not true. If you want to hand off, our clients can directly bankrupt the company. So that no obligation to refund the funds already paid, but it is not the company wants, especially for eight years is all running. So, the government should help, instead of revoking its permits," he said.

Told Eggi, on July 18 last, First Travel has attended a meeting organized by the Government's Investment Awareness Team consisting of related institutions such as police, prosecutors and the Financial Services Authority (OJK). Also attending from Ministry of Religious Affairs. From the meeting it was agreed that all pilgrims of First Travel were asked to calm down and give an opportunity to management to take care of the departure of pilgrims.

However, ironically, a week later the Ministry of Religious Affairs issued a letter of freezing. In fact, from the meeting was agreed that First Travel is allowed to dispatch 5,000 to 7,000 people per month after this year's Hajj season is completed until January next year.

"So the Ministry of Religion has betrayed the meeting attended also by OJK," said Eggi.
Theres Good Faith, Government Requested to Oversee First Travel
anwhile, Zainuddin, a pilgrim of First Travel said if he was also disappointed with the decision of the Ministry of Religious Affairs. Whereas First Travel already have good faith in the congregation.

"If the Ministry of Religious Affairs is working for the pilgrims, do not freeze First Tr
avel first, "said the pilgrim from Penjaringan, North Jakarta.

Earlier, Minister of Religious Affairs (Menag), Lukman Hakim Saifuddin, said the revocation of permits is done according to the rules.

"This is because they have broken many promises and their tendency is very worrying because there are more victims who can not umrah in accordance with the schedule," said Lukman in Jakarta, Saturday (5/8).

Although the license is revoked, but First Travel's obligation to dispatch or refund the pilgrims should be done.

"Removal does not eliminate their obligations, first is to dispatch that has not departed through another travel agency and return the funds already deposited by the congregation," said Lukman.

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