This Souvenir Business Tips from Teuku Wisnu

This Souvenir Business Tips from Teuku Wisnu
Teuku Wisnu
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JAKARTA - The phenomenon of artists who set up by the present souvenir business in every corner of  city became a hot topic discussed.

Long before the artists wrestle this business, actor Teuku Wisnu started it first, by opening a small outlet measuring 3x5 metres in Malang Raya, East Java, which was named Malang Strudel on December 24, 2014.

Wisnu's figure seems to be an inspiration and a model for most artists to try what he has done. From small outlet located in Ardimulyo street No.18 Singosari, Malang, now transformed into a large outlet with a super parking area.
Until now, Wisnu continues to expand its business by opening five other outlet branches located on Soekarno Hatta street 2 kav. 6 Malang, WR.Supratman sreet C3 No 24, Diponegoro street No.171 C Batu, Semeru street no.47 and Soekarno Hatta street Kav D408.

"The idea of opening present souvenir business named Malang Strudel get while on vacation to Europe with my wife (Shireen Sungkar). Strudel itself is a typical Austrian cake. Now, we make adjusting the taste that can be accepted by Indonesia people," said Wisnu on his early pioneering the business.

From there, Vishnu and several colleagues took the initiative to utilize the original fruits of Malang to be made in the form of cake. He created Malang Strudel with various variants such as Malang Strudel Apel, strawberry, banana, mixfruit, and many more variants.

Actor of sinetron 'Cinta Fitri' managed to read the opportunity when choosing Malang which has big tourists potential .

"This business is also of course very influential and has a positive social impact, according to what me and my friends expect at the beginning. Like increasing the employment of Malang residents around the production site, where previously many unemployed housewives are now able to join in Malang Strudel to be a box-folder or fruit peeler," said Wisnu in Jakarta, recently.
Added Wisnu, Malang Strudel also often make a video about Malang tourism object.  It is appreciated by the local government cause helping to introduce Malang to foreign tourists.

Malang Strudel and Teuku Wisnu also embrace young people of Malang by making comedy sinetron 'Malang Melintang' which aired every Tuesday in Youtube channel Malang Strudel.

"The most important thing in this business is diligence, can take chances and can be useful to the surrounding community. That's all tips from me. We hope Malang Strudel go ahead with Malang Raya," hoped Vishnu.

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