Apparently, Sweetened Condensed Milk Ads is Misleading

Apparently, Sweetened Condensed Milk Ads is Misleading
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JAKARTA - Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) finds the fact that advertising of food and beverage products that mislead consumers. One of them is advertising sweetened condensed milk, which should not be used as a drink, but is shown as milk for family drinks

"The sweetened condensed milk has the same sugar content, but the advertisement is shown as milk," said Director of Family Health of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Eni Gustina MPH during a public discussion in the framework of the National Children's Day 2017 in Jakarta, recently.

Eni urges people to care about inappropriate ad impressions. The public can report if there are food product advertisements impression that is not in accordance with its designation.

She continued, the visual ads that are not appropriate and high frequency that this is what causes the public to think sweetened condensed milk is milk for children to drink. If this continues, in the next 20 years the health of Indonesian children is clearly threatened. High sugar intake early in the risk of obesity and diabetes and potentially reduce the productivity of future generations.

Eni asked Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) to be more assertive against the existing regulation on broadcasting. KPI should also have regulations where people can report impressions and potentially misleading advertisements.

"As far as I know, KPI has a regulation about misleading advertising impressions, and there are criminal sanctions and 200 million fine for those who violate," Eni explained.

Responding to this, KPI Commissioner, Dewi Setyarini explained that the steps needed to be done is to unite the perception of children's friendly show. Anything that appears on television should be made with the child's perspective, including sweetened condensed milk ads whose substance is not actually milk, but is called milk.

"To realize this child-friendly advertising, the involvement of all parties is required. To identify whether the content is child friendly, KPI can not do it alone, but need the support of institutions and related institutions as well as community participation, "said Dewi.

For known, sweetened condensed milk was first produced in America in the 18th century, by evaporating some water from fresh milk (50 percent) and then adding sugar 45-50 percent. Because of its durability at the time was widely used as a stock of American soldiers who were involved in civil war.

Seen from its composition, sweetened condensed milk contains 50 percent sugar, 7.5 percent rotein, 8.5 percent fat and 34 percent water and other additives. In each serving serving (1 cup = 150 ml water and 4 SKM spoonfuls), it contains 20 grams of sugar or equivalent to 2 tablespoons. The amount is high considering the recommended daily intake of sugar does not exceed 25 grams. If excessive sugar intake, may increase the risk of obesity and diabetes.
Apparently, Sweetened Condensed Milk Ads is Misleading
Therefore, people who need to be more intelligent, careful, and critical of choosing products for children, including the child product ad impressions. The reason is, ads are usually designed more favorable to the product because in the ads there are interests of some industries.

"Manufacturers are also expected not to make children as an ad target," said the observer of the ad who is also Chairman of the Foundation Abanraya Insan Cendekia Indonesia, dr. Winny G.W.

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