Arrested, Ello's Tattoos Are a Sign?

Arrested, Ellos Tattoos Are a Sign?
Marcello Tahitoe (Ello)
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JAKARTA - Singer Marcello Tahitoe alias Ello was arrested by police from South Jakarta Police related to possession of a drug package type of marijuana. Artist whose his body had tatto, has arrested 4 days before finally revealed in media.

While the details of Ello's arrest have not been released yet, some netizens have discussed if Ello seems to have long been the target of police operations. Netizens suspect it was through Ello
tattoo which symbolizes the cannabis user figure.

"From the beginning look at his tattoo 4:20, already feeling if he is a cannabis (marijuana) user. Because 4:20 is the code for these cannabis lovers," says account @vi.shelvia.

As quoted from the article at, the number 420 denotes the gathering hours of a teenage smoker gang in San Rafael, California on 1970 ago. At that time, they agreed to gather and smoke marijuana, every 4:20 pm. The term 420 is then used to determine International Ganja Day commemorated every April 20.

However, Ello's manager denied that the 4:20 figure on Ello's tattoo shows his identity as a marijuana user.

"Tattoo (4:20) is still there, according to him (Ello), (4:20) was the best time of the day, he used to learn the first car at that time, and he thought it was cool at that time. So remember him," said Petra, manager of Ello.
Previously, South Jakarta Police Chief, Kombes Iwan Kurniawan confirmed if Ello was arrested on Sunday, August 6, 2017 last night in Jagakarsa, South Jakarta.

"There are two men we caught, one of them singer initials MT alias E," said Iwan on Thursday (10/8).

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