Liquidate BPKP and Change Into KPK Representative

Liquidate BPKP and Change Into KPK Representative
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JAKARTA - Assessed ineffective in carrying out its duties, the Financial and Development Supervisory Board (BPKP) was asked to be liquidate. In addition to unclear tasks and functions, the liquidate of BPKP also later can be an effort to prevent corruption in Indonesia.

"Disband BPKP, its members are made a representative of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) in the regions. It is effective for the prevention of corruption," said former senior auditor of
BPKP, Sudirman on sidelines of seminar and book review 'Criminalization of State Financial Losses Audit' in Jakarta on Thursday (10/8).

According to him, the existence of KPK is not effective in preventing corruption.

"KPK only exists in Jakarta, so the prevention of corruption is like a dream. Until doomsday, if the way of eradication by way of crack down, will not run out of corruption in Indonesia," he said.

Therefore, he offered a solution to
liquidate BPKP, Inspectorate and Supervisory Board in BUMN/BUMD and merged it into KPK representative in every province.

Sudirman considers BPKP audit that calculates state losses in corruption cases so far still tends to criminalize suspects or defendants of corruption, because they are not guided by the applicable audit standards.

"Some of the problematic audits of
BPKP have been reported to the president, but the fact is that they are not repairing or cracking down on the troubled auditors, instead the president issued Perpers No.192 giving full authority to BPKP to audit/calculate state/regional losses," said Sudirman.

On the other hand, BPK's capacity and legality in calculating state losses is clearly regulated in Law No.15 of 2006 and Law No.1 of 2004 on State Treasury.

"The two laws clearly place BPK as the Supreme Audit Board, including its authority on state financial audit standards," Sudirman said.

He added that during this time many BPKP audits do not refer to audit standards, so impressed to be a tool of certain political interests.

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