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Let's Enjoy Again The Swaying Fountain in Monas

Lets Enjoy Again The Swaying Fountain in Monas
Vidi Aldiano and his brother Vadi Akbar in front of swaying fountain in Monas
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JAKARTA - Tonight, the National Monument (Monas) will be festive with a swaying fountain. The rides which since 2005 has not functioned, now functioned again to welcome the 42nd Monas Anniversary. This rides named Monas Djakarta's Fountain.

Two musicians, Addie MS and Vidi Aldiano and his brother Vadi Akbar actively involved in preparing this rides return to operation.

"The idea is about a month ago, on the basis of the plan with Mr Ahok, Mr. Djarot, Mr. Sabdo as the leader of Monas Park, Addie MS, Harry Kiss and Reza's family, together they rebuild the old Monas fountain is not working," explained Vidi Aldiano in Jakarta, Frid
ay (12/8).

Vidi said, Ahok and Djarot provide personal funds to buy cables, lights and fix the installation, while Sabdo and the team dismantle and reorganize the fountain which is very bad condition.

"Our family from Harry Kiss contributed to the V8Sound sound system, reviving Aquascan also created the Magic Keyboard system, the piano keys that we change the function to control the movement of the fountain," added Vadi.

Meanwhile, Addie MS will give her orchestra songs to play in Monas. Sedangkdan Reza provides public facilities such as toilets classy toilets hotels and basic needs for visitors who come.

Evening event will also present magic keyboard, which is an idea of Harry Kis, Vidi's father is every pressing a button keys piano keys, activate nozzel-nozzel and pump at Monas Djakarta's Fountain.

"So to sync the song and the MDF show will be very easy operation," said Vadi who is also electro engineer of the Faculty of Engineering (FT) University of Indonesia who also participated in designing Magic Keyboard.

Vidi claimed to be p
aten this technology because as far as he knew, this is the first time in the world.

"Excess system control with Magic Keyboad is, any song can be played and in the 'arsitement' display art fountain, unlike using a computer, which can only be for that song and the movement of the fountain also can not vary," said Vidi .

Later, every Saturday and Sunday night, the people of Jakarta will be able to enjoy the spectacle of the weekend. Of course, with DJ Air Fountain that will arrange the fountain display with the songs of the Addie MS orchestra like Tanah Airku, Manuk Dadali, Keroncong Kemayoran.

And the amazing tonight, Mr. Djarot and his wife will also be the DJ Air Mancur with the song 'Jali Jali'," Vidi said.