From Lovers, Ita Purnamasari Into This Business

From Lovers, Ita Purnamasari Into This Business
Ita Purnamasari
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JAKARTA - Initially she enjoyed, and finally this rocker lady loved and became 'soulmate'. Why this thing become 'soulmate' and also as new business for this Dwiki Dharmawan wife?

"Since childhood I like chocolate, with any flavor. As a teenager and an adult as a singer and had many opportunities abroad, the craze on the chocolate was becoming more and more. I always bring chocolate to Indonesia with a variety of flavors," said Ita Purnamasari on the sidelines of launching 'IP Chocolate's by Ita Purnamasari' in Jakarta, recently.

Decades enjoying chocolate, in February 2017, Ita got acquainted with Filo Prakoso, owner of brown home industry from Yogya. The introduction prompted Ita to jump into the chocolate business.
"Since the first know, Ita has been thinking to cooperate. By refining variant chocolate, the basic product is my old chocolate, which for many years I distribute through word of mouth and through socmed or online," said Filo.

Also since that, Ita finally back and forth Jakarta-Yogyakarta. She also thought to add chocolate variant while looking for partners who can be invited to cooperation, including as a distributor.

"In two months, we talked seriously about this chocolate product. In my opinion, can connect with my bakery and pastry business, Die Kuchen Bakery & Pastry in Kemang. I'm also a fan of chocolate, especially dark chocolate. I think, cooperation with Ita and Filo will be interesting, complement my bakery and pastry business," said Dinie Katumbiri.

The woman who is known as ethnic clothing designer at Roemah Katumbiri Bhanuwati is finally join join and bring up brand 'IP Chocolate's by Ita Purnamasari'. In this brand, Ita the most influential role determines the taste of chocolate.

"The results back and forth to the Filo chocolate production house creates five variants of our chocolate, namely Dark Chocolate Blueberry, Dark Chocolate Vanilla, White Chocolate Melted, Milk Chocolate Melted, Milk Chocolate Cashew," Ita explained.

However, when launching this time, only 2 from 5 variants that exist, namely Dark Chocolate's Bluberry and Milk Chocolate Cashew are introduced. Three other variants will be launched along with Ita Purnamasari's book release, as well as the concert before the end of 2017.

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