Could ICBANANA Succeed Despacito Success?

Could ICBANANA Succeed Despacito Success?
'ICBANANA' videoclip
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JAKARTA - As is known, 'Despacito' song suddenly hits and viral in social media and witnessed by millions of people around the world. Even on YouTube, the audience is three billion.

Despacito's success inspired the musician I.C who tried to formulate the formula 'Despacito' in a song titled 'ICBANANA'. In videoclip, I.C duet with rapper, Don Hovova.

There are some similarities between the 'Despacito' and 'ICBANANA'
videoclip. Like many beautiful and sexy women, parties, beach scenes, cool cars, alcoholic beverages, money show, and so on.

"Today's society tends to follow blindly, consuming whatever it is that the mainstream industry is doing. We not only follow it blindly but we also adopt things we do not even understand. 'Despacito' is the perfect case subject for more than three billion views for this video," said ICBANANA producer David Svoboda on Wednesday (16/8).

Svoboda added, the use of the word 'Banana' as the title song is also not without reason. According to him, mainstream music has a psychology because it has the words that transmit. In this case, he chose the word 'Banana' because it sounded unique and memorable.

Video 'ICBANANA' according to David is slowly started following the success of 'Despacito'. Since its release August 6th to August 16th, 'ICBANANA' has been watched by more than 140,000 viewers on YouTube.

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