N219 Focus for Serve Small Islands

N219 Focus for Serve Small Islands
N219 aircraft in PT Dirgantara Indonesia (DI) hangar / Sindonews
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BANDUNG - Indonesian National Aviation and Outerspace Institute (Lapan) hailed the success of the test flight of its N219, made and designed in cooperation with PT Dirgantara Indonesia (DI) on Wednesday (16/8).

Manager of Law and Public Relations of PT DI, Irland Budiman admitted, currently it is still permission to fly from DKPPU. It hopes the permit can be out this August.

"We do not know when the permission to fly it out of DKPPU. We hope this month," said Irland in Bandung, Monday (14/08/2017).
According to him, it still completes all processes and meets all stages of regulation established by the relevant authorities. When all the processes are completed, the N219 flight test process can be done immediately.
Last week, he continued, PT DI has finished doing high speed taxing and hoping. The process is to test the speed on the runway and lift the front wheel. The aircraft is tested for avionics and hydraulic capabilities. The plane is positioned jumping.
"The test was successful, but we still need to do an evaluation," he explained.

But Irland was not sure, N219 aircraft will go through how many more stages to pass flight tests.

Meanwhile, Lapan head, Thomas Djamaluddin said this will become the momentum for the awakening of research and technology in Indonesia.

"With the success of the first flight of N219, we can now declare that today was the second awakening of technology (following the success of N250)," he noted.

He revealed that Lapan also plans to develop N219 later into an amphibious plane to enable landing on a small island.

"We wish to use the plane to serve small islands to improve their connectivity. We will develop the amphibious version of the aircraft to enable it to land on the beach on islands that have no airstrip," he explained.

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