Wow.. There's Zakat Games Now

Wow.. Theres Zakat Games Now
Some players when play Zakar Games in Jakarta, recently
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JAKARTA - Zakat is no longer just a duty in worship. Zakat can also be packaged in games designed for all circles to more easily for study zakat and without realizing the game leads to education about various sciences of zakat.

This is what is now done
Inisiatif Zakat Indonesia (IZI) through board game called 'Zakat Games'. It is Azman Ab Rahman from Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia who first created this game in Malaysia. The idea of this game come from his hometown in Selangor, Malaysia.

According to him, from 3 million people of Islam there, only 260,000 people pay zakat property. The rest, just pay Zakat Fitrah before Idul Fitri. In fact, there are various kinds of zakat.

"Everywhere must be zakat payments In Europe, Arab, Asia," Azman said at the launch of Zakat Game in Jakarta, recently.

In addition, Azman said, curriculum about zakat in Malaysian schools is still so small. Children are told to memorize and never interact directly with zakat. In fact, rote does not raise the awareness of children to zakat.

"If reading less remember, but if there is a touch, experience, would be remember," he said.
At a glance, Zakat Game is similar to a monopoly, a toy from the United States (US) that emerged more than a century ago. If the winner in a monopoly game is the player who has the most treasure, not so in Zakat Games. The Zakat Games game winners are those who pay the most zakat.

The games played by four people with a person as this banker honing zakat understanding with the wrong or true question card about zakat.

If true, players are rewarded with assets such as money and gold. In addition, players earn their money from each of the bases that symbolize a profession along with his salary.

There are seven types of zakat that are performed by players, namely profession
zakat, farming zakat, commerce zakat, savings zakat, agriculture zakat, lease assets zakat and gold-silver zakat.

"This game can be a learning media that enables people to understand zakat, not only for children in school but also for zakat collectors who have not always mastered the information about zakat," said IZI President Director Wildhan Dewayana.

Even in the future, every home can have games like this as an alternative entertainment and family education facilities.

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