Amazing!! Palestine Children Say Happy Independence Day Indonesia

Amazing!! Palestine Children Say Happy Independence Day Indonesia
Dozens of Gaza children when say Happy Independence Day for Indonesia
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GAZA - Dont forget history! Without the recognition and support of Palestine, perhaps independence of Indonesia is only a discourse that is not appreciated by other nations.

And the confession did not stop just there. The greeting of independence congratulations as
gift for 72nd Indonesia Independence Day in 2017 coming back directly from Gaza, Palestine.

"Eid Istiqlal, Happy Independence Day Indonesia," said dozens of Gaza children simultaneously.

Though they have not really independent because it is still occupied by Israel and has not been fully recognized its independence by the United Nations (UN). But the Palestinians also celebrated the anniversary of Indonesian Independence.

Last year, in the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian people also held a flag ceremony commemorating the anniversary of the
71st Independence of Indonesia. Beginning with the reading of the holy verses of the Qur'an, red and white flags raised accompanied by Indonesia Raya songs.

"Their passion for independence is very strong. They held a ceremony of independence of the Republic of Indonesia even though Palestine still colonized, it turns out that independence is very expensive," said Abdillah Onim an Indonesian journalist reported from the Gaza Strip.
Amazing!! Palestine Children Say Happy Independence Day Indonesia
"History records the first President of Indonesia, Soekarno to Gaza, Palestine alongside Egypt President Gamal Abdul Naser. This time to coincide the anniversary of the people of Palestine waving the flag of Merah Putih accompanied by Indonesia Raya song," he continued.

"No wonder, the eyes glistening and shuddering when they see this. Especially the seconds they raise the flag of Merah Putih and accompanied Indonesia Raya song and pay homage," he said.

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