When Ade Fitrie Talk Jakarta Disaster Management

When Ade Fitrie Talk Jakarta Disaster Management
Ade Fitrie Kirana
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JAKARTA - This sinetron actrees is increasingly active to organize. She is currently Chairman of Women's and Children's Protection Foundation (YPPA).

And recently, Ade Fitrie Kirana chaired the Annual Working Meeting held in Jakarta. These activities are carried out in the framework of consolidating YPPA Work Program.

"We are scheduling Work Program proposals from our field leaders and in other sessions we also discuss about disaster management, especially in Jakarta," said the woman who familiarly called AFK.

Ade who also sinetron a
ctrees of 'Raden Kian Santang' was added, the foundation established in 2016 has been a lot of social, educational, religious and health activities, especially women's health. In the future, she and her staff will hold many activities that directly come into contact with the community.

"With all the limitations, we strive to continue to concern the issue of women and children. Because it is our duty to serve the community according to our vision and mission," she said.
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