Taeyeon Already Forget Jakarta Incident

Taeyeon Already Forget Jakarta Incident
Taeyon when performed at Countdown Asian Games 2018 in Monas, Friday (18/8) / Sindonews
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SEOUL - This SNSD personnel gave her latest news after incident that occurred at Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Jakarta, yesterday. Via her official instagram account, Taeyeon gives an update on her current state.

In her Snapgram, she called happy to meet her fans. This SNSD leader is impressed with the Indonesian fans who continue to give her the spirit at the 2018 Asian Games Countdown event.

"The show is over, I'm fine ending today with my goal," Taeyeon said in her Instagram account, Saturday (19/8).

She also did not want the problems that occurred at the airport to make fans worried. She had forgotten it and did not blame fans.

"Thank you for supporting me with a pink lightstick, it was my company's fault, no need to feel too guilty about it," she said.

Currently Taeyeon is rumored to have arrived at Incheon Airport after completing schedule in Indonesia last night.

When performing last night, Taeyeon closed appearance with a picture of a love sign. The singer who has the real name of Kim Taeyeon is making a picture of a love sign with both hands.

This certainly makes fans very happy. Moreover, apologies to the fans of the incident at the airport had been received.

After bringing the first song, Taeyeon re-sang her flagship song which is a song from first solo album, I. Unfortunately, the audience must be satisfied with only two songs from Taeyeon. Before returning backstage, Taeyeon spread sweet smile. Not to forget, she gave the heart symbol with both hands. This is a sign that she loves fans in the Indonesia.

Not only that, she give a sweet kiss to his fans. With a smile, Taeyeon has also cured the longing of Indonesian fans who have been waiting for his arrival for two years.

Countdown Asian Games 2018 in Monas, Jakarta, enlivened by the ranks of domestic and foreign singers. The number one person of the Republic of Indonesia, President Jokowi also attended this event and had shown his expertise in archery.

This event was closed by Ariel Noah with GAC, Ikke Nurjanah, Ryan D'Masiv and Once. Countdown Asian Games 2018 opens countdown to the Asian Games to be held in Indonesia in 2018.

Previously, Taeyeon had an unpleasant experience when he arrived in Indonesia. Fans who enthusiastically welcomed at Soekarno-Hatta Airport, just make her fall and even some who touch the intimate organs. Taeyeon had expressed his disappointment about the incident on her social media account.

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