See Mix and Match from NINE Style

See Mix and Match from NINE Style
Yvonne and Ryan when press confrence 'Joe De Vivre (Joy of Living)' event i Jakarta, recently
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JAKARTA - Not much designers are trying to combine lace and leather in the creations of fashion. And two designers who joined in NINE brand now appears in the design of lace and leather that notabene not something trend in Indonesia.

"We try combinations of these two different materials to make it look stylish, which in turn can produce feminine and tomboy alloys," said Ryan, who was accompanied by Yvone in Jakarta, recently.

NINE as one of the local fashion brands from Bali which join 'Joe De Vivre (Joy of Living)'
event held at Harris Vertu Hotel, Jakarta.

In event that collaborates on the elements of fashion, dance, and movies, Yvone and Ryan showcase their latest collection of creations with theme 'Spring/Summer 2018'.

Ryan added, in the process, they always maintain the quality of the product by not leaving the handmade technique in sewing.

"So the features of NINE still look unique. Our collection is a combination of the concept of street wear and couture," said Ryan.

Related creations that combine elements of lace and leather that, not separated from their respective likes on the material.

"I like lace but want a different, more feminine and modern. The direction is elegant sexy but enggak vulgar, but Yvone likes leather with more masculine style more tomboy So we try to collaborate," said Ryan.

When a collection of NiNe products from Yvone and Ryan, they are marketed via offline store at Tstore in Seminyak area, Bali and also online at

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