Huristak Kingdom Traces, Four Times Seize and Maintain Indonesian Independence

Huristak Kingdom Traces, Four Times Seize and Maintain Indonesian Independence
History trace in Huristak Kingdom
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JAKARTA - Not much know if Huristak Kingdom in North Sumatra has a big enough share in the struggle of the nation seize and defend the independence of Indonesia.

Through Patuan Barumun (1884-1966), King IX of the Kingdom of Huristak, Padang Lawas, this kingdom has a big enough contribution against the Dutch colonists who want to control the northern region of Sumatra.

History records, in 1914 the Dutch East Indies made the recognition of the sovereignty of Huristak in the hands of Patuan Barumun. At that time,
Patuan Barumun upheld the custom and used the ancient Batak script in the treaty letters with the Dutch East Indies. Meanwhile, his father used to use Arabic-Malay script.

In the period of Japanese occupation shortly after the Dutch East Indies expelled and the situation is very tense throughout the archipelago, Patuan Barumun back to have a strategy and strategy to deal with Japan. Until finally Japan also recognize the sovereignty Huristak.

In the period of independence, Patuan Barumun also provided aid to the war during the 1942-1947 period. In 1947, Huristak Kingdom and the State Council of Huristak officially merged to become part of NKRI.

In mid 1947-1952, Patuan Barumun became a special advocate of 'Siasah', a Indonesian army fighter corps on Gunung Tua. In addition to helping with funding, Patuan Barumun also gave command to troops fighting on the front lines to drive the Dutch.

With a series of historical facts, it is not wrong if the heirs of Huristak kingdom have a chance to celebrate independence at the State Palace every year.

As perceived by King Huristak XII, the Patuan Daulat Sutan Palaon, Tondi Hasibuan recently. He became one of the honored guests who were invited to attend the 72nd Indonesian Independence Day celebration with President and Vice President of RI at State Palace, Jakarta.

"The moment of celebration of this independence becomes very meaningful to remember the struggle of our heroes, especially the Kingdom of Huristak, Padang Lawas," said Tondi in Jakarta, recently.
Huristak Kingdom Traces, Four Times Seize and Maintain Indonesian Independence
In the moment of celebration of this independence, his side, continued Tondi asked the government to give attention to cultural heritage and historical heritage that exist in Padang Lawas region.
"There are dozens of temples and archetypes, we expect the government to pay attention to the cultural heritage," Tondi said.
According to him, in the region of Padang Lawas many ancient sites found from the era of Ancient Hindu kingdom that is estimated to have existed since the beginning of the 1st century AD. Even the site is listed as the oldest site of other Hindu kingdoms in Indonesia.

"We also have a palace that is still intact,
kingdom traditional weapons and other heirlooms. So we hope government will also pay attention to the preservation of our culture and royal art," said Tondi.

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