SEA Games 2017 Referee Disadvantages Indonesia Contingent

SEA Games 2017 Referee Disadvantages Indonesia Contingent
Evan Dimas when recived yellow card at match versus Timor Leste
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KUALA LUMPUR - Not only about the case of the Indonesian flag that is reversed in the SEA Games 2017 brochure, leadership of referees is considered detrimental to the Indonesian contingent.

The first case occurred in soccer. When Indonesia beat East Timor 1-0, the referee was considered issuing a number of controversial decisions including when giving a yellow card for Evan Dimas.

"It is clear that I am witnessing a disastrous decision for Evan Dimas who is actually a victim but rather a yellow card. I ask the coach and manager of the U-22 National Team to appeal against this decision," said Minister of Youth and Sports, Imam Nahrawi, Sunday (8/20).

In the game, Evan was violated by Filipe Oliveira. After the incident, there was a commotion involving a number of players from both teams. The referee did give a red card for Filipe. But at the same time, referee also sent a yellow card for Evan so the former captain of the U-19 national team was to be absent in the next game due to accumulated penalties.

The second case occurred in the sepak takraw. Indonesia Women Takraw chose to retreat from the match because it felt cheated by the referee who issued a number of beneficial decisions for the host, Malaysia.

"Sports teach us a lot about the meaning of respecting honesty and justice.That is why there is a word of sportsmanship that describes the meaning of the word sport itself. It should have taken the decision of the referee honestly and impartially. As there is engineering to hinder Indonesia's step. Would the victory be achieved with this way," regretted Menpora.

Shown at Titiwangsa Indoor Stadium, Kuala Lumpur, Sunday (20/8), Indonesia opted out of the game when leading 16-10 over Malaysia. From the first set, there are already referee decisions that are considered very strange. One of them about Lena as tekong which is considered wrong as many as eight times.

"I did not feel lifted my legs when we were poking, but why it was refereed by the referee, even up to eight times that made us decide to stop, we felt harmed by the referee," Lena said.

So far there has been no follow-up action taken Indonesia Women Takraw. The decision will be discussed further by the ranks of trainers and related parties.

"We have not decided the next step because it wants to see the development," said Abdul Gani, Indonesia Women Takraw assistant coach.

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