Waiting for Authority to Chase Zakat Mandatory

Waiting for Authority to Chase Zakat Mandatory
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JAKARTA - Minister of Finance, Sri Mulyani Indrawati recently wanted zakat to be managed like the tax management conducted by the state.

discourse was welcomed by the National Zakat Agency (Baznas). Based on Law No. 23/2011 on Zakat Management mentioned that zakat is managed by the state as tax management.

"This is an important opportunity that comes from the most powerful people in the state finances. The discourse is something that is good, whereas zakat should also be handled by the state," said Chairman of
Baznas, Bambang Sudibyo on sidelines of Baznas Award Night in Jakarta, Friday, (25/8).

Earlier, Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati, speaking at the 2nd Annual Islamic Finance Conference (AIFC) 2017 in Yogyakarta, said that the management of zakat funds in Indonesia has not been done optimally, although the system can be done just like the government manages the tax funds.

Sri Mulyani said, Islamic-based economy and Islamic finance with a distinctive concept has contributed and will continue to support the achievement of development goals.

"From her words, I see the understanding of the minister about the jurisprudence of zakat very well," said Bambang.

However, Bambang continued, if the Tax Law is mandatory for every citizen, while the collection of zakat to state-appointed institutions is only voluntary, especially for muslims. Although on the other side, both laws say that zakat already paid to Baznas and Zakat
Agency (LAZ) in the region can reduce taxable income.

"So, if  zakat discourse equal to the tax, then the task of Baznas will be the same as in the Director General of Taxes to pursuing zakat obligation among muslims. But with the consequences, there must be tax incentives for those who obey and pay zakat through Baznas. In essence, not reducing taxable income, but rather a reduction in its tax obligations," Bambang said.

But of course, he added, the state must first amend the Tax and Zakat
Law at once.
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