Freeport Divestment Must be Consistent for Papua People's

Freeport Divestment Must be Consistent for Papua Peoples
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JAKARTA - 51 percent divestment of PT Freeport Indonesia for Indonesia's ownership is a news that deserves high appreciation, but a number of records await from the divestment.

"Firstly, we appreciate the result (divestiture). Secondly, we escort the use of fund divestment results do not get in corruption again. Please, no more protests from the people of Papua if we are hungry, we are poor," said Chairman of DPC GMNI Central Jakarta, Jacky after discussion themed "Reflection of 72 Years of Independence Towards Indonesia Ide
as" in Jakarta on Wednesday (30/8).

Elements of students, especially Cipayung
Group Jakarta Plus, said he is ready to guard the agreement between the government of Indonesia and Freeport regarding 51 percent divestment of this share is consistent for the interests of the people.

"Freeport gold mine in Indonesia is an entry point to maintain its assets and natural resources in order to realize people's and energy sovereignty," he said.

On this occasion, all elements belonging to
Cipayung Group Jakarta Plus stated that the management of natural resources in Indonesia is still controlled by foreign parties.

"The government is still dependent on foreign investment and it needs government assertiveness to fully manage the natural resources for the people's welfare," said Head of GMKI Jakarta, Tamtam Sanjaya.

His side see this is a problem of the nation and drain enough energy and public attention.

"This is also one indication if Indonesia's independence has not fully materialized," he concluded.

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