Secret Behind Succes of Indonesia Delivers Assistance to Rohingya

Secret Behind Succes of Indonesia Delivers Assistance to Rohingya
President Jokowi when releasing the departure of aid for Rohingya citizens in Jakarta, recently
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JAKARTA - Providing assistance to victims of Rohingya Muslim ethnicity in Myanmar is not an easy task.

"Malaysia just failed to enter, Indonesia in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Kemenlu), can come to provide assistance," said Secretary General of World Zakat Forum (WZF) Bambang Sudibyo in Jakarta, Monday (4/9).

Malaysian authorities while attempting to channel aid for Rohingyas categorically dictate and get resistance from local authorities. While Indonesia when channeled aid to Rohingya by encouraging diplomacy.

The cause of the failure of the aid is also caused Malaysia is less coordinated with ASEAN as an official regional institutions of Southeast Asian countries.

The main factor that makes the help of Indonesia can enter, Bambang said no other because of the lobbying factor that carried Indonesia. Not only that, Indonesia as the founding member of ASEAN has an important factor.

"The National Bureau of Amil Zakat (Baznas) also participated in a group of Foreign Minister Retno P. Marsudi to Myanmar, and a number of Baznas team went with the aid that had been collected first," said Bambang who is also Chairman of Baznas.

Head of Disaster Response (BTB) Baznas, Ahmad Fikri said despite getting access to the Rohingya area but aid is not easily channeled.

Fikri who plunged into the Rohingya region in the Sittwe region, the capital of Rakhine state, Myanmar said on several occasions had to sneak from the military monitoring of Myanmar when it will channel aid. One of the areas to look out for is the crossroads of many Myanmar military crews.

It has received help from local residents and humanitarian activists so that it can often break through a layer of military oversight of Myanmar to channel the aid.

In distributing aid, he said, sometimes his side witnessed a number of other humanitarian agencies must give a number of "dowries", at least worth Rp20 million or more to military authorities in a region in order to channel aid.

When channeling, he continued, relief aid team also can not linger in the area inhabited by the Rohingya people for security reasons. It should also be done immediately when the day is still bright because if it gets dark, there are concerns about the life safety threats of aid dealers.

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