Mayor of Tegal Offered Sub-District Position for Rp25 Million

Mayor of Tegal Offered Sub-District Position for Rp25 Million
Mayor of Tegal, Siti Masitha Soeparno before investigate by KPK investigator / Sindonews
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SEMARANG - After arrest of the Mayor of Tegal, Siti Masitha Soeparno by Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), a number of dismissed officials raised their voices.

One of the officials of Tegal municipal government, Khairul Huda, revealed that there were calls from local unit officials (SKPD) and subdistrict officials to hold a ceremony that usually takes place during promotions. Thanksgiving money from officials of Tegal City is obtained from borrowing to local banks.

"The amount requested by the Mayor averaged Rp25 million per SKPD. Even my driver offered to be a sub-district, if want to pay Rp25 million," said this echelon II officials of Tegal City who dismissed by Siti Masitha in Interactive Dialogue Sindo Trijaya 98.8 FM Semarang at Central Java Governor's House, Semarang, Tuesday (5/9).

He also explained, the potential conflict with Mayor of Tegal has been going on for quite a while. Khairul mentioned that there were 14 officials who were denied, there was even one task executive officers (Plt) who headed five SKPD in Tegal municipality.

"That story shows the Tegal municipality began to mess when Regional Development Planning Council (Musrenbangwil) Tegal city in 2015. The absence of Mayor Tegal represented head of Bappeda as material mentor. Where in there're presence of deputy Mayor of Tegal," said Huda.

This former Head of Department of Cooperatives and SMEs Tegal City added, the civil servant who dismissed Masitha actually has pushed Tegal City Council (DPRD) to use the right of interpellation.

"During the meeting with the DPRD, the Mayor of Tegal said his case did not meet the criteria for interpellation and the DPRD did not listen to it, which left us disappointed," he said.

According to him, there are two problems that occurred in the city of Tegal. First, the disharmony between the Mayor of Tegal with his deputy and officials of Tegal City Government. This is already visible on the first day after being sworn in by replacing directly Plt of Region Secretry of Tegal City.

"Until now Sekda is not definitive. Then it continued by installing nine echelon II officials," he said.

Second, incorrect practices of governance. Siti Masitha authorized Amir Mirza, which non-civil servant and certainly not a structural official, to chair an official meeting.

"In fact, he can arrange and determine meetings of Baperjakat (agency consideration positions and rank), inaugurating the subdistrict head and ask for money to the head of the village," he explained.

Another story was submitted by a nonjob official of Tegal City Government named Sugeng. He considered by Masitha ditching work while being umroh.

"Even when there is money for the Mayor who is not deposited, threatened dissmised," said Sugeng.
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