Supreme Court 'Challenged' by This NGO to Give Justice for All

Supreme Court Challenged by This NGO to Give Justice for All
Chairman of NGO Merah Putih, David Sanaki when he came to the Supreme Court (MA) building.
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JAKARTA - The Supreme Court (MA) is 'challenged' able to give justice for all people. Justice is not only in the form of fair decisions, but also in the form of accuracy in deciding a case.

The 'challenge' was presented by the Chairman of Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Merah Putih, David Sanaki to MA regarding the persecution case against Andi Rafika, the underage girl whose trial was held at the Tangerang District Court and the Banten High Court on June 13, 2017.

"The defendant on behalf of Aliah who has been sentenced to two months in prison and a fine of Rp 50 million with one month prison confinement subsection, filed an appeal to the Supreme Court on July 14, 2017. We asked Supreme Court not to continue or cancel the petition. Many irregularities during the investigation and trial process," said David when he came to the MA building on Tuesday (5/9).

When touched  if the right of every citizen to file an appeal to the Supreme Court, David justifies it. But the Supreme Court should pay attention to the irregularities in the process of investigation and the trial.

The irregularities, as revealed by David, are the disappearance of Article 170 of the Criminal Code in the prosecution, only Aliah suspects being dragged to the court while there are three other perpetrators of the persecution and during the trial, judges, prosecutors and lawyers use a toga that should not be imposed on the trial of a child case underage.

"Therefore, the Supreme Court should not continue the mistakes made by the police and prosecutors before," said David who also plans to report these irregularities to the Attorney General (AGO) and Ombusman.

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