After with Deaf, Andin Join The Blind

After with Deaf, Andin Join The Blind
Andin Komalla with Surya Sahetapy and blind grup personel.
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JAKARTA - Although still fairly new in the world of Indonesian music, these singer who often raised social themes also often perform experiments in music.

One of them through music group named Deaf People Project which consisting of Andin Komalla (vocals), Surya Sahetapy (piano), Marsya (violin), Fachry (drums) and two other personnel. Then there is Osvaldo as composer and synthesizer.

Uniquely, personnel of this music group is filled by personnel who have physical limitations. Surya Sahetapy and Marsya, for example, are both deaf people. Then, Fachry the blind. On April 9, 2017, Andin and they are perform for the first time.

And recently, in the presence of Bhayangkari mothers, the singer of the song 'Show You Love' is re-performed with the accompaniment of music of the blind grup. Its formation, Oky (guitar), Joel (rhythm guitar) Ari (bass), Rifky (violin), and Vano (cajon).

After singing, Andin claimed to lift the thumb of musical ability of people with disability.

"I really applaud the sensitivity and the level of their musicality. Their sensitivity is twice that of normal people," Andin said.

But when asked, what is the name of the newly formed group, Andin claimed to have not had time to think about it.

"We are still confused about what to use, formal or casual. But we thought it would be called 'Brak', because the personnel often crash if they walk, know they are blind, or 'Sagang' aka Salah Pegang. The names are actually emerging from those who are blind, they always laugh jokingly like never sad," said Andin.

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