Bella's Wedding Dowry Only 300 Ringgit

Bellas Wedding Dowry Only 300 Ringgit
Engku Emran when said solemnization of a marriage in front of Laudya Cynthia Bella, guardian and witness.
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KUALA LUMPUR - Wedding Laudya Cynthia Bella and Engku Emran have been held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Friday (8/9) then. Artist who is familiarly called Bella was married with businessman from Malaysia with a dowry just 300 Ringgit Malaysia.

The issue of this dowry is expressed by musician Melly Goeslaw. Through the recordings uploaded when Emran said solemnization of a marriage in front of the guardian and witness.

"I accept the marriage of Laudya Cynthia Bella with dowry 300 ringgit, cash," said Engku Emran through the video.

The singer of 'Ratusan Purnama' also did not forget to express her feelings through the video description. Melly admitted she was happy because the friend who was like her daughter was finally off the bachelor. But no doubt, she is also sad because Bella will be left to settle in Malaysia.

"Alhamdulillaaah.. Oh Allah, for your permission now my daughter @laudyacynthiabella and @iamkumbre have legal as husband and wife, keep keep Ya Allah, make last marriage, immortal samara jannah amiiiin.. Oh God ..... neeeeeeeeeeng, mama sadly cause lose you to move there, so be good wife and mother, dear," wrote Melly Goeslaw through @melly_goeslaw account.

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