This Vision of Omega POS to Empower SMEs in Indonesia

This Vision of Omega POS to Empower SMEs in Indonesia
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JAKARTA - As one of the commitment to support and empower the national small and medium enterprises (SMEs) sector, PT Omega Teknologi Indonesia, a cashier application service provider now presents Omega POS (Point of Sale) which features online store, smart cashier, and loyalty member Apps.

Omega POS itself is excellent software for SMEs in Indonesia. SMEs business owners who have offline shop now easily become an online shop.

"Using Omega POS Cloud, POS data from all branches of businesses, franchises or franchises spread across cities, will connect online, realtime, secure and centered on Omegasoft's cloud server, for 24 hours non-stop," said CEO of Omega Soft, Pendopo in Jakarta, Friday (8/9)

He said, since 2015 Omega POS-based android integrated with accounting has now been used by 5,000 SMEs. From inventory management to data analysis, sales processing and customer management, to accounting & e-invoicing.

"You can also subscribe to Omega POS program for monthly worth Rp165 thousand, while for annual subscription Rp1.650.000. Cashier and cloud-based accounting software (online) that will help you manage your store branches from wherever and whenever," he explained.

Not only that, on the same occasion also launched a smart cashier engine for you in managing your business. This is an application that can connect the phone with a cash register. Special help small and medium business actors, through this application costs for accessing the cash register is much cheaper.

Through smart cashier, the entrepreneur can print the receipt of payment directly through his communication tools that are connected to the EDC machine. Smartcashier or Omega Pos Machine is an All in One hardware bundles or cashier engine package consisting of one unit of android tablet 10 inch/12inch, one unit blueprint printer, one unit cash drawer (cash drawer), one unit customer display (android 7 inch), one unit teak wooden case (teak wood) and include the Omega Post Cloud software for one year.

As for Member Loyalty App, the technology of using QR (barcode) for the convenience of cashless transactions or non-cash transactions that facilitate transactions for the users. Managing customers is now easy, increasing the turnover of franchisors and SMEs.

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