Lawsuit Denied, Chairman of Gemura Officially Appeal

Lawsuit Denied, Chairman of Gemura Officially Appeal
Chairman of Gemura, Oktasari Sabil in verdict court at Administrative High Court (PTUN) on last Wednesday.
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JAKARTA - Related results of the trial of lawsuit against the election of Osman Sapta Odang (OSO) as Chairman of Hanura Party, Chairman of Gerakan Hati Nurani Rakyat (Gemura), Oktasari Sabil decided to appeal.

She viewed verdict of the Administrative High Court (PTUN) last Wednesday, far from the sense of justice.

"As a form of seriousness seek justice, me and my lawyer declare an appeal," said Okta, Tuesday (11/9).

Woman who familiar called Okta said it would continue to fight for it.

"If the court of the world can not give us justice, God's court will be ushered in justice," he said.

Meanwhile, Okta lawyer, Dwi Yulianto disclose the reason for not proposing the process first in the party court. According to him, it is a folly.

"We can not do it because logically, how can we sue the party chairman at the party court where the judges and members of the party tribunal are themselves appointed by the chairman to be sued," he explained.

Related to the verdict of the judge, Dwi also throw it to the public.

"Public can give its own judgment to the verdict that has been read by the judge whether it fulfills the sense of justice or even away from justice itself," he explained.

Meanwhile, there was an interesting incident during the reading of the trial decision last Wednesday. For some reason, the Chief of Judge tapped the hammer before the decision was read. An unusual thing in a trial where generally, a hammer is tapped by judge after read verdict.

"Rejecting the lawsuit from Oktasari Sabil suing Chairman of the Hanura Party, Oesman Sapta Odang in this case as to which considerations have been read, giving space to the apprentant to appeal for 14 days after the verdict was read," said the Chief Justice without knocking hammer again after reading the verdict.

On the sidelines of the reading of the verdict, the judge submitted his apology to the plaintiff, in this case to Oktasari as Chairman of Gemura.

"I am just an ordinary person who can not be separated from sin, wrong and wrong, so I apologize to Octasari Sabil's mother, if my verdict is disappointing and does not meet the sense of justice for Mrs Okta, and today's session we are closed," Chief Judge as he re-tapped the hammer, closing the hearing.

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