Even Church Participates Socialization of HIV-AIDS Prevention in Tolikara

Even Church Participates Socialization of HIV-AIDS Prevention in Tolikara
One of socialization of HIV-AIDS information by KPA of Tolikara Regency, Papua.
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TOLIKARA - Papua is still one of the highest in case of HIV-AIDS in Indonesia. Until March 2016, this Indonesia's easternmost province recorded 25,233 people with HIV-AIDS.

The highest population of HIV-AIDS sufferers is in the productive age (25 -59 years) with the number 14,544 or more than half the number of patients.

Basic on that fact, Commission for Control of HIV-AIDS (KPA) of Tolikara Regency, Papua also tried not to remain silent. As explained by the Daily Chief of KPA of Tolikara District, Samuel Kogoya, socialization of HIV-AIDS information is done continuously as an early effort in prevention.

"Through our church also continues to encourage all parties to play a role in the socialization of HIV-AIDS in Tolikara. Until 2019 we have targeted the examination of all communities in 46 districts of Tolikara district. Thus we can relocate, narrow and break the links of the spread of HIV-AIDS," said Kogoya in Jakarta, recently.

He continued, the socialization of HIV-AIDS prevention and prevention in Tolikara requires extra labor because of Tolikara area with 46 districts and 554 village.

"From year to year, HIV-AIDS case in Tolikara tends to decline.The latest data on the handling of people with HIV-AIDS (ODHA) in 2015 from 233 people fell to 146 people in 2016. In 2017 it fell again to 59 people. HIV positive patients in 2017 were about 71 people who previously numbered 219 in 2015," said Kogoya.

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