Indonesia Failed Again at Southeast Asia Level

Indonesia Failed Again at Southeast Asia Level
Coach Indra Sjafrie with Indonesian U-19 National team.
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YANGON - Indonesia U-19 national team hopes to win the AFF Cup U-18 failed. Garuda Nusantara must be eliminated in the semifinals because defeat with 2-3 from Thailand U-19 national team through penalty drama. Indonesia failed again in Southeast Asia level.

Hot duel that took place at Thuwunna Stadium, Yangon, Myanmar, Friday (15/9) true to be a match that awaited supporters of Indonesia. Coach Indra Sjafri expected to open the opportunity to achieve supremacy by moving to the top party.

However, the mission failed to be fulfilled. Despite the maximum fight and face a number of obstacles, including loss of players, step Red and White squad must be stopped because of disadvantaged during the penalty shootout.

Actually in that game, Indonesian national team U-19 dominant. Many chances created during the first half but no one have goals. Unfortunately again, Saddil Ramdani who just came in for Feby Eka Putra instead got a red card for elbowing his opponent players.

Although less players, Indonesian national team U-19 still has not surrendered. Through a number of individual actions, Firza Andika et al can bother the opponent's defense.

Starting from Egy Maulana Vikri, Hanis Saghara Putra to Firza several times got a chance to score goals. Unfortunately, their efforts did not work out. Consequently, the game is 0-0 and followed by a penalty shootout.

In this phase of misfortune hit the Indonesian national team U-19. Even Egy who became the first executioner can do his job, defeat remains unavoidable. That's because the kicking of three other executors failed to meet the target. Muhammad Iqbal, Nurhidayat Haris to Rifad Marasabessy who became fifth kicker can not score goals. As a result, the U-19 national team must recognize the luck of Marc Alavedra Palacios fleet.

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