Persib Sanctioned, PSSI Website Hijacked

Persib Sanctioned, PSSI Website Hijacked
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BANDUNG - Persib Bandung get sanctions again from Indonesia Football Association (PSSI). This time, Maung Bandung was punished as a result of supporters performing choreography 'Save Rohingya' in match against Semen Padang on Saturday (9/9).

The action is considered to violate Article 67 paragraph (3) Discipline Code PSSI and fined fine of Rp50 million.

This punishment led to a polemic. Persib manager, Umuh Muchtar explained if the action is a form of concern from supporters which familiar called Bobotoh to humanitarian tragedy in Rakhine, Myanmar.

"What's wrong with the 'Save Rohingya' message which Bobotoh made? Where the wrong? Do they support the cruel acts committed to the Rohingya's? Is PSSI not have a heart," said Umuh in Bandung, Friday (15/9).

He said the choreography was carried out purely Bobotoh form of humanitarian support, rather than meddling in political affairs in other countries.

"The government supports humanitarian action against Muslim brothers in Rohingya. Now, why is PSSI not in line," he said.

Umuh said, the value of fines imposed is not much. On the contrary, Persib objected to the sanction because it was considered to be making it up. He asserted will contribute to the fine imposed on Persib. In fact, he suggested the money earned submitted to Komdis PSSI.

"Later we are submit to Jakarta if PSSI want the money," he said.
Persib Sanctioned, PSSI Website Hijacked
On the other hand, Persib supporters who are members of the Viking Persib Club declared ready to raise funds to pay a PSSI penalty which dropped against to Maung Bandung.

Viking frontman, Yana Umar said, raising funds titled "Coins for PSSI" is done as a form of responsibility from Bobotoh. Although Persib is punished, fans will help pay the fine.

"All districts were instructed to fund the fund as well as the center later in Sidolig. Also can transfer through Rumah Zakat or," he said.

Sanctions for Persib due to the choreography not only reap the protests of management and supporters. Hackers even hijack the page. Official website PSSI hacked since Thursday (14/9) until last night can not be accessed.

"Until now we are still improving the PSSI website. Of course very unfortunate the existence of this website piracy," said Head of Media Relations and PSSI Digital Promotion, Gatot Widakdo.

"We respect and honor solidarity for our brother in Rohingya. However, it must be understood that football should not be interfered with other issues beyond sports values. Therefore, supporters should not bring attributes or messages that are not related to football or sports in a match," he added.
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