Yusuf Mansur Rapporteur Not Want Called as Ulema Criminalization

Yusuf Mansur Rapporteur Not Want Called as Ulema Criminalization
Ustadz Yusuf Mansur (UYM) and Sudarso Arif Bakuama
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JAKARTA - The rapporteur of alleged fake investment case of Condotel Moya Vidi involving Ustadz Yusuf Mansur (UYM) dismissed the assumption that his side did the opinion mingling towards the criminalization effort of the ulema.

"This report does not intend to criminalize the ulema, there is no such thing as there is a lot of program of Yusuf Mansur who in the name of alms have legal gap that harm society. There is a wrong process in collecting the money," said one rapporteur, Sudarso Arief Bakuama in Jakarta on Friday (15/9).

He sees, if he aims to criminalize the ulema through this report, it will take away the problem content of business which run by UYM.

"And East Java Police evidence has raised the status of this case to the investigation. I'm sure the police are not reckless in setting someone up as a torture in the case," said the man who familiarly called Darso.

He said, in the case of alleged fake investments of Condotel Moya Vidi, UYM offers investment in the form of certificates worth Rp2,75 million per sheet accompanied with a promised profit scheme.

Later, the program is problematic, and investment is diverted to the hotel business, not the condotel as mentioned in the agreement. The customers are not satisfied. Moreover, the organizer of the investment program is only informed through the website. Some customers had reported the case to the National Police Headquarters and peacefully ended.

"There is evidence of investment diversion from Condotel Moya Vidi to Hotel Siti. And the way of peace and the return of customers' money is also a proof of Yusuf Mansur's admission of his mistake. But when other victims arise, Yusuf Mansur who once promised to return the money of customers who felt victimized, but complicated, "said Darso.

He realizes there are major obstacles to establish the truth by reporting UYM to the realm of law.

"Ulema are also human beings who did not escape from mistake. I do not want more victims to be deceived again," said Darso.

Previously, Yusuf Mansur lawyer, Ina Rachman had told about the case that dragged UYM.

"About Condotel Moya Vidi investment issue, he did not know in detail. He initially only help his friend, his position is in the middle or a liaison and has nothing to do with his other business," Ina said in Jakarta on Saturday (9/9).
UYM side, she added, will not obstruct the investigation process and give full space to the police to solve the case.

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