Eight West Jakarta Police Detainees Flee, All Involved Should be Sanctioned

Eight West Jakarta Police Detainees Flee, All Involved Should be Sanctioned
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JAKARTA - Escape of eight West Jakarta Police prisoners through air vents confirms the dilapidation of the guards in the West Jakarta police station. Seeing this, Commissioner of the National Police Commission (Kompolnas), Inspector General Bekto Suprapto asked for assertiveness.

"All members involved (for their negligence, red), including their superiors should be punished according to the degree of error through disciplinary proceedings and or professional police code of conduct," Bekto said in Jakarta on Saturday (16/9).

This escaped prisoners could not be separated from the lack of attention of West Jakarta Police Chief, Commisoner Roycke Harry Langie.

"If the Police Chief noticed the capacity and security system of the state prison in his station, this would not happen," said Bekto.

Bekto added that all police in custody to understand all the rules to keep the prisoners as stated in National Police Chief Regulation (Perkap) starting from the SOP of detainees.

"If all that is implemented, it can prevent prisoners from running," he said.

To note, eight West Jakarta Police prisoners were escaped by sawing iron of prisoners at the rear of room 14, Saturday (16/9) morning. One of them was arrested by the people.

The eight escaped prisoners are Abbi Isa, Yudi Rohmansyah, Thio Erwin Gunawan, Kurniawan, Ramlan, Franco Graizani Julizar, Bagas Fathiong Ramadhan, and Yocke Arya Winta. All these prisoners are drugs prisoners.

Head of Public Relations Jakarta Police, Commisioner Argo Yuwono said one of eight escaped prisoners, Yocke Arya Winta, was secured by a citizen who to be patrolling. Yocke was once judged by the masses before being handed over to the police.

"The incident was around 2:30 pm. West Jakarta police station was hunting down all the perpetrators who are still vague," Argo told to reporters.

The police also examined the CCTV cameras and are still investigating the tape to find out the chronology of the escapees of prisoners. A number of Jakarta police members also hunted the seven other prisoners.

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