When Syahrini Say No to This

When Syahrini Say No to This
Syahrini with make up artist, Mario Dedivanovic.
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JAKARTA - There is a different from this singer. She chose not to wear the foundation at all in every event he attended. Chanter song 'Sesuatu' is claimed to be more comfortable without the use of foundation which is the main key make up look better.

Whereas usually, make up become a mainstay of women to support the appearance to be more interesting. The use of foundation is mandatory.

"For day to day, I rarely use the foundation, except for shooting ads because I have to adjust the lighting, but that I'm very careful. So I prefer not to use foundation because if used for two hours directly tie my pores and face so flushed," Syahrini say at launch of LAKMÉ Make Up at Jakarta, recently.

As a substitute for foundation, Syahrini dauded the morning cream all over her face. That's what makes her face look brighter and shine. After morning cream, she wears a blush on, bronzer and highlighter in the cheekbone area.

"I have absolutely no problem using contour, but sometimes my face likes to brush in the cheek area and it lasts weeks while my activities every day, so I always ask for thin and thin without foundation," she continued.

Even Syahrini almost rarely use powder because her face is sensitive. In addition, the use of make up brushes is also a major concern. If the brush is less clean, the face will be faster stains or arise small spots in the cheek area.

"The strength of my make up is in the eye, Heavy eye make up must be because my eyes are sad, so if the make up of his eyes baseball seems less good on the TV. Easy eye make up and eyelashes is very important if perform on TV. My eyelashes can be two layers, but still do not use foundation," said Syahrini.

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