While Bathing, KPK Arrested Mayor of Batu

While Bathing, KPK Arrested Mayor of Batu
Illustrated arrested of Edy Rumpoko by KPK
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BATU - Saturday (16/9), the arrest conducted by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) in Batu city, Malang, East Java.

Not only arrested the Mayor of Batu, Eddy Rumpoko, KPK said there were four people arrested with Eddy.

Deputy Chairman of KPK, Basaria Panjaitan said the four people came from elements of regional heads and officials of the procurement unit. KPK also seized evidence of money allegedly related to bribery or project fees in the local area.

"As an initial action, the team took the five people to the nearest police office for initial inspection," Basaria said on Saturday (16/9).

Information collected, the arrest took place Saturday (16/9) at 13:30 pm. In addition to elements of regional heads and official officials, the KPK also arrested someone from a private element who reportedly was the owner of one of the renowned hotel in Batu.

Mayor of Batu, Eddy Rumpoko himself also questioned the arrest of KPK against him in his official home.

"I was bathing in house," he said after the initial inspection in East Java Police Headquarters, Surabaya, Saturday (16/9).

He admits not known what suspected to him.

"The money does not know, nor do I know," he said.

When will provide further information to journalists who have been waiting for him, Eddy was forced by KPK and police officers to immediately get into the bus.

Eddy was taken out from East Java Police Headquarters by officers at 20:42 pm to Juanda Airport Sidoarjo heading to Jakarta to be examined by the KPK further.

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