Pindad Tank Claimed has Own Advantages Than Leopard Tank

Pindad Tank Claimed has Own Advantages Than Leopard Tank
Part of the medium tank made by PT Pindad / Sindonews
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BANDUNG - Ministry of Defense will buy about 100 units of medium tank of PT Pindad (Persero) product to strengthen the main tool of Indonesia weapon system.
Currently, medium tank made by PT Pindad in cooperation with Turkish company, FNSS is still in the process of completion of prototype. Targeted, in 2018 PT Pindad began mass production of combat vehicles with abilities similar to Leopard medium class.
Defense Minister, Ryamizard Ryacudu said Indonesian government would order an artificial medium tank of PT Pindad to replace the aging TNI fighters. In the initial phase, it will order about 100 units using government budget for procurement of armaments Rp100 trillion.
"We hope the old tanks are replaced, the need is about 500 tanks. But the initial need for some battalions first. At least two battalions. One battalion is about 50 units," Ryamizard said after attending a meeting with the Indonesian defense industry in PT Pindad area, Bandung on Monday (18/9).
According to him, a medium tank made by PT Pindad is suitable for use by TNI to strengthen national defense. The tanks are in accordance with Indonesia's terrain, especially in Java and Sumatra. Medium tank weighing 37 tons will be easier to carry across the Indonesian bridge that on average able to sustain weight of 40 tons.
Pindad medium weight tanks has its own advantages when compared with Leopard tanks. The tank is in addition to large, also has a weight of more than 60 tons. Leopard will be hard to deal with the Indonesian terrain.

"This is the best medium tank here. If the Leopard is too heavy. Taken to Sumatra, crashed the bridge. If the enemy take it (big tank, red) can not walk here. If this is good," he said.

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