Who Says Purchasing Power of Indonesia Society is Down?

Who Says Purchasing Power of Indonesia Society is Down?
Political Economy Discussion Forum (FDEP) in Jakarta, Wednesday (20/9).
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JAKARTA - Recently, Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) recorded the sales of clothing on the celebration of Eid al-Fitr 2017 decreased by 15 percent. Various shopping places are portrayed empty and deserted visitors.

Referring to that, economist from Faculty of Economics and Business University of Indonesia (UI), Faisal Basri said, currently the national purchasing power is not declining, the decline in turnover and profit of some modern outlets can not be a reference to the decline in national purchasing power.

"The purchasing power declined precisely the cause is the change of behavior," said Faisal in the Political Economy Discussion Forum (FDEP) in Jakarta on Wednesday (20/9).

In the discussion, Faisal told trends in society today is reducing the consumption sector to invest.

In line with Faisal Basri, CEO of BNP Paribas Investmet Partner, Vivia Secakusuma said, the current trend of Indonesian investment in Indonesia is increasing rapidly, for example mutual funds.

"Currently not only upper-class society, but the middle class, the young are already investing heavily in mutual funds, they are now more aware of the importance of investment," said Vivian.

Furthermore, Vivian explained, investment is the right thing done by the people of Indonesia.

"It's just that, in investing need to know what purpose, what kind of investment profile, and the period of investment," he said.

Meanwhile, actor Baim Wong who is now also plunge in the culinary business world justify the current trend.

Baim said, when starting culinary business bakmi (noodle) in three years ago, he had wrong strategy in developing the business.

One of his faults, said Baim, he was less keen in targeting the market segment of his noodle.
"In the noodle business that I live, the market share upward is less interesting," said Baim.

"Currently my marketing is also moving towards online, by utilizing digital channels," added Baim.

When asked if he was tempted by the lively investment offered lately, with a serious expression, Baim answered yet.
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