Taobao Collection Try Following The Latest Lifestyle

Taobao Collection Try Following The Latest Lifestyle
Head of Online Marketing of Lazada Indonesia, Haikal Bekti Anggoro, Ferry and Brandon Salim atTaobao collections launching in Jakarta, Tuesday (19/8).
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JAKARTA - E-commerce business competition in Indonesia is getting tighter. To answer that challenge, Lazada did not want to still stay. Through Taobao collection, Lazada made a new breakthrough.

Taobao's collections to be displayed at Lazada consist of fashion, electronic to household items with a wide range of premium quality products at affordable prices.

"Taobao's collection in Lazada is the latest collection that follows the latest world lifestyle trend," said Head of Online Marketing of Lazada Indonesia, Haikal Bekti Anggoro in Jakarta, Tuesday (19/8).

Haikal added, Lazada customers will be given the convenience of purchasing various types of goods in a single transaction. Buyers can use cash on delivery (COD), free postage for minimum spend of Rp150,000 and flat shipping cost of Rp20,000 per shipment for spending under Rp150.000, -.

"Currently, Indonesian people more easily determine the choice of any needs, for anyone, anywhere," he said.

One of the Indonesian celebrities, Ferry Salim felt the Taobao collection able to answer the fulfillment of goods needs.

Initially, Ferry still adheres to the old habits of shopping, which comes directly to the store. However, over the time, his son habit for online shopping infectious on Ferry. In fact, Ferry became addicted to shopping various needs online.

"It's been a year ago because it is influenced by Brandon, online shopping is easy. You know that Jakarta is jammed, many are calculated, pay toll, so many budget should be prepared," said Ferry.

He also has certain reasons in choosing how to shop online.

"We have 24 hours to decide what goods we buy. I usually prefer shopping fashion, clothes and jackets," said Ferry.

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