It's Time to Strengthen Competitiveness of Entrepreneurs in Age of Digitalization

Its Time to Strengthen Competitiveness of Entrepreneurs in Age of Digitalization
Talk shows at Rakernas 1 of HIPKA with theme 'Strengthening the Competitiveness of Entrepreneurs in the Digitalization Era' in Jakarta, Thursday (21/9).
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JAKARTA - Recently, KAHMI Business Association (HIPKA) held a National Work Meeting (Rakernas) 1 for period of 2017-2022. With theme 'Strengthening the Competitiveness of Entrepreneurs in the Digitalization Era', the opening of this event is packaged in a business gathering of inspirational talk shows featuring successful entrepreneurs in various fields.

The speakers are asked to share stories about the strategies implemented in running the business in the era of digitalization that is fast and transparent. They are respectively Jonathan Tahir as hospital business representative from Mayapada Group, Bayu Priawan as a transport businessman from Blue Bird Group, Isaac B. Tanihaha as property businessman from Black Steel Group and Marcella Zalianty representing Kadin UKM.

One of the speakers, Isaac B. Tanihaha solved the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in this digital era, especially in terms of property business that he do today.

"I feel that businessmen shouldn't be threatened by digitalization era. In fact, we must embrace it. We must use digital technology to our advantage by serving our clients or customers. If we can properly utilize digital technology then our business should have an added value," he said on Thursday (21/9).

According to him, there are some things that need to be prepared so that entrepreneurs can compete in the digital era like today.

"The business landscape is ever changing never stagnant. So as businessmen we must continue to improve ourselves. Push ourselves out of our comfort zone and learn new facets of business. In fact, we can also learn many strategies and implementations from industry besides our own," he told.

He also talked about his interest in developing a property business outside Jakarta.

"Business is a simple supply and demand balance. For my sector, Jakarta has too many supplies. The demand has not caught up to the supply. Competitors are also abounding in the big cities. There are so many humans in the secondary and tertiary cities of Indonesia who are under-served by real estate developers. Besides, it is my passion to serve those who have been neglected (as much as possible)," said Isaac.
On this occasion, the Head of BPP HIPKA, Tubagus Farich explained that the activity of Rakernas 1 is part of the official agenda of HIPKA for the period 2017-2022.

"Indeed, the establishment of HIPKA is expected to develop and accelerate the growth of the national economy in order to achieve the national ideal of a fair and prosperous society," said Farich.

With the mission and vision, he continued, HIPKA always embraces all its members to contribute to the association so that HIPKA as the official national organization can really make a real contribution to the economy of the country, through the steps or strategic decisions that guard the Government in the strategy of making the economy .

Added by Chairman of the Steering Committee HIPKA, Kamrussamad, Rakernas 1 HIPKA is also a place of face-to-face both between the central and regional management to the board with members.

"Surely this can be a promising potential to be managed and if everything can synergize well, then indirectly can build some strategic business," he said.

He hopes the existence of HIPKA also can develop business of KAHMI entrepreneurs with the creation of networking both KAHMI entrepreneurs and non-KAHMI businessmen.

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