Need Competency Certification for Entering Industrial Needs

Need Competency Certification for Entering Industrial Needs
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JAKARTA - There is still a gap between the world of work and job seekers in Indonesia recognized is still a constraint. No less a number of workers who graduated with good grades, but still often fail to penetrate the world of work.

Related to this, there are several factors that affect it. One is the fulfillment of a special skill that is recognized world of work.

"There are still many university graduates or vocational schools that do not have certification of their competence," said Director of Politeknik Negeri Jakarta (PNJ), Abdillah SE, M.Si on the sidelines of the inauguration of CBD Campus in Jakarta, Thursday (5/10).

He also highlighted industry players who have not responded to a number of efforts that have been done by academics in meeting the requirements required in workers recruitment.

"Industry should be responsive as well. There is already cooperation with various parties of industry and entrepreneurs at the central level, but the implementation downward is still lacking," said Abdillah.

Related to the low level of competency certification for job seekers, CBD Campus is engaged in education, training and work placement for information technology (IT) experts to seek solutions through cooperation with a number of strategic partners and educational institutions, such as Jakarta State Polytechnic ( PNJ), NIIT, and AAMC to provide competency certification for job seekers.

"We are opening classes for cooperation programs and special classes for fresh graduates and employees who wish to improve their quality with competency certification," said President Director of PT CBD Indonesia, Noni Amini.

He added that the level of certification that will be obtained from CBD Campus is already in the middle level.

"And our graduates will be able to make their own program," said Noni.

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