For Care of Rohingya's, Amphuri Allow All Members

For Care of Rohingyas, Amphuri Allow All Members
The peaceful act of caring for Rohingya's.
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JAKARTA - The Muslim Association of Hajj and Umrah Organizers of the Republic of Indonesia (Amphuri) will hold an Amphuri Care Action for Rohingya Muslims during Car Free Day at Bundaran HI on Sunday (8/10).

Chairman of Amphuri, H. Joko Asmoro said all members ready to support the implementation of this Amphuri Peduli program.

"The gathering point of the members before the action in front of Sarinah,Thamrin, Central Jakarta. Starts at 06.30 am and will be packed as interesting as possible by presenting some top artists," said Joko Asmoro in Jakarta on Saturday (7/10).

With the action of Amphuri Peduli program, the board wants to invite members and the community for care about the people in need, especially Rohingya ethnic in Myanmar.

In addition to Rohingya, Amphuri also organizes CSR activities concerning orphans and the poor. Symbolically will also be handed over to help Rohingya refugees. Based on information from the committee, until this beita is revealed this action will be followed by more than 300 members of Amphuri.

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