Syahrini Accused Not Recieved Money from First Travel

Syahrini Accused Not Recieved Money from First Travel
Syahrini and her lawyer, Hotman Paris Hutapea when come to Bareskrim Polri, Monday (9/10) / Sindonews
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JAKARTA - This singer underwent investigation by Criminal Investigation Agency (Bareskrim) National Police on Monday (9/10) as a witness case of alleged fraud, embezzlement and money laundering of travel agency Umrah First Travel.

Syahrini's lawyer, Hotman Paris Hutapea said if his client had 29 questions while undergoing further investigation as a witness.

The question asked by the investigator aims to confirm that the singer of the song 'Sesuatu' has never received money from First Travel.

"It is not true that Syahrini received money. Investigators also acknowledge that the First Travel never claimed to give money to Syahrini," said Hotman after examination.

Hotman explained that Syahrini and his 11 families went to umrah for a regular price of around Rp200 million but were given Very Very Important Person (VVIP) facilities with the obligation to post activities in the Holy Land twice a day through her Instagram account.

"Syahrini is not an icon, because she did not receive an honor from First Travel, usually if the icon once posted Rp100 million with the honor of Rp1 billion, but it is not, Syahrini does not receive even the same money from regular facilities to VVIP," Hotman said.

Hotman explained the Rp1 billion fee mentioned by the investigator is the First Travel estimate. Ranging from hotel costs to travel expenses during umrah.

"The calculation of Rp1 billion is not our business, it's their business, the price charged to Syahrini management is Rp200 million," he said.

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