Electability Continues to Decline, All Elite Golkar Party West Java Ready to Resign

Electability Continues to Decline, All Elite Golkar Party West Java Ready to Resign
Dedi Mulyadi
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BANDUNG - This a tough warning. If electability trend of Golkar Party in West Java continues to decline, Chairman of Golkar Party West Java, Dedi Mulyadi ready to resign. The same is true for all Chairman of Golkar Party at the district/city level throughout West Java.

"All Golkar leaders in West Java should be ready to step down if the trend of support to the Golkar Party is down, because if it goes down, it means that the leadership is not meaningful," Dedi stressed in  Golkar Party West Java office, Bandung on Wednesday (11/10).

Dedi hopes, through the guarantee, all leaders and cadres of Golkar Party in West Java want to change themselves to raise the power at the grassroots level, so that public support for Golkar continues to increase.

He continued, it will perform analysis of Golkar electability trend in West Java intensively by involving a special team that will work until April 2018.

"If until April down, not only the Chairman of districts/cities, I'm also ready to resign, this agreement made its integrity pact and I will be the first to sign it," said Dedi.

He also dismissed the assumption that his move was in response to a slanted response related to the disrupted Golkar solidity before the 2018 West Java Gubernatorial election triggered a statement rejecting the nomination of Dedi Mulyadi which raised number of Golkar officials at the district/city level.

Dedi considers, that statement which addressed to him is not on behalf of Golkar institutions, but personal statements. Dedi also claimed not to feel disadvantaged over these statements.

"We are still solid, the statement is that I do not feel disadvantaged, it is the party who is harmed by the statement, which means that he does not love Golkar," said Dedi.

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