Entrance Five Large Investment, Indonesia Property Market Still Excited

Entrance Five Large Investment, Indonesia Property Market Still Excited
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JAKARTA - In 2017 property ratings as an investment for Asian region is still in seventh ranked. This ranking dropped one rating from this year's projection which is in sixth place. While for Indonesia itself, property is still included in the top five.

"We see property in Indonesia is still in top five as an investment, one of which can be marked by still passionate of property needs in Indonesia. Our previous projects are still able to compete in the eyes of consumers," said President Director of Green Golf City, Daniel S. Gunawan in Jakarta on Thursday (12/10).

Moreover, he continued, if developers able to provide cheap homes but with premium quality, undoubtedly the property market opportunities are still wide open.

"Currently, it is difficult to find house price of Rp100 million but with premium quality, even in our latest project in Cikupa, Tangerang, the average price is three times than we offered," he said.

Not to mention access to transportation modes that must be adequate on all fronts. If it is met, then a far location from the city will be considered by consumers.

"Especially access to toll roads and railways.This is the two things that currently facilitate public access from and to the place of their activities. These are in line with government program now, cheap but quality homes plus access to transportation and adequate facilities," said Daniel.

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