Here's The Challenge Back for Nikita Mirzani

Heres The Challenge Back for Nikita Mirzani
Nikita Mirzani
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JAKARTA - The effort of Nikita Mirzani to report to the police people who reported it related to alleged defamation case to TNI Commander, General Gatot Nurmantyo responded by Chairman of Young Indonesian Entrepreneur Association, Sam Aliano with a challenge.

In report numbered TBL/4878/X/2017/PMJ/DitReskrimsus it is Sam Aliano presumed by Article 35 jo Article 51 Paragraph (1), Article 29 jo Article 45 Paragraph (3), Article 28 Paragraph (1) jo Article 45 Paragraph 2) Law No.RI.19/2016 on the Amendment of Law No.RI.11/2008 on Information and Electronic Transactions (ITE).

Sam questioned the legal steps that Nikita Mirzani did. He was surprised by this attitude of Nikita. He claimed not to be afraid police reports made by Nikita. Instead, Sam ready to serve Nikita's wishes if there is no good faith from her.

"I am angry and do not accept. I remind you to Nikita, that I am not afraid to what you is doing. I am disappointed and ready to report back," said Sam in Jakarta on Thursday (12/10) .

Meanwhile, Sam lawyer, Aldwin Rahadian explained that his client did not intend to report Nikita Mirzani to the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) in particular. The reason, when making report, Sam asked KPI to banned on all artists who are considered not worth airing on television.

"What Sam do when he came to KPI in order to all public figure and do not discredit someone," said Aldwin Rahadian.

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