Organda Ask West Java Online Transport to Refrain

Organda Ask West Java Online Transport to Refrain
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BANDUNG - The Transportation Entrepreneur Organization (Organda) West Java requests online transport in West Java to refrain from operating until there are binding rules.

Chairman of Organda West Java, Dedeh Widarsih hoping the drivers of online transport can refrain from operating until there are binding rules issued by the government.

"We hope they will be patient, introspective and we will be moving in the transportation sector," said Dedeh in Bandung, Tuesday (10/17).

According to him, Organda still wants to keep the environment remain conducive without any demonstration. Transport and driver entrepreneurs can operate quietly, without any difference in the treatment between conventional and online freight.

Organda, he added, entrusted entirely to the government to create a rule that benefits all parties. Organda, in this case, only conveyed his aspirations to have a sense of justice.

When asked whether the conventional transport will plan an action, it claimed to prioritize the ways of musyawarah.

"We have submitted the proposal to the government and they have heard it and do not have to press it, we just wait for the follow-up," Dedeh explained.

Organda, she continued, hopes there is a fair action for all public transport. Such as yellow vehicle plate, KIR test and others. Fair treatment for all online freighters will have a positive effect on all drivers.

"We have a yellow plane and KIR test, while they do not, we want to be like them, that means we want justice," he concluded.

She admittedly, not a few conventional taxis that have penetrated using online applications, but using tariffs that have been set by the government. This means that online transport can adopt the system.

Previously, the Mayor of Bandung, Ridwan Kamil said there is no prohibition for online transport in Bandung to operate.
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