47 Died in Fireworks Warehouse Explosion, Police Rely on DNA Test

47 Died in Fireworks Warehouse Explosion, Police Rely on DNA Test
Fireworks warehouse which exploded at Warehouse Complex 99, Kosambi, Tangerang / Sindonews
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TANGERANG - Jakarta Police stated the death toll from explosion of fireworks warehouse at Warehouse Complex 99, Kosambi, Tangerang increased to 47 people. While the survivors amounted to 46 people.

"The death toll is sent to Kramat Jati Police Hospital, East Jakarta as many as 39 people, eight other deaths still being evacuated. Total death toll is 47 people," said Head of Public Relations of Jakarta Police Senior Commissioner Argo Yuwono on Thursday (26/10) .

Argo said, at the time of the incident there were as many as 103 people working in the fireworks warehouse.

"We made a post for missing persons at the Kramat Jati Police Hospital, East Jakarta, and the family members were suggested to have lost family members to the hospital to check them out," he said.

Currently, Argo added, police are still identifying what made the fireworks in the warehouse explode. Police are also still evacuating a number of victims who died and still exist at the site.

Meanwhile, Head of Medical and Health Jakarta Police, Senior Commissioner Umar Shahab explained, dozens of survivors of the firework explosion in Kosambi were being treated in RSIA BUN Tangerang and Tangerang Hospital for treatment of his injuries.

"Survivors have been evacuated to hospitals for treatment of their wounds, on average they have burns, too," he said.
47 Died in Fireworks Warehouse Explosion, Police Rely on DNA Test
Separately, Head of Bhayangkara Polri Hospital, Brigadier General Didi Agus Mintadi said it had received 47 dead bodies of fireworks explosives in Tangerang factory.

"We have received 47 corpse bags, and from antemortem activities while we still receive 11 families," said Didi at Bhayangkara Polri Hospital, Jakarta on Thursday (26/10).
Of the dozens of families who came to the Police Hospital, 7 of whom have taken DNA samples. He explains, the process of identification of the corpse takes a long time, given the condition of the corpse in a state of burning.

"There's a fingerprint, tooth, and DNA matching process. The fingerprint matching is very difficult, there are teeth but some are heavy enough, so we rely on DNA testing," he says.

Examination of DNA samples of the corpse and family that have been taken will be matched so that the identification process can be done.

"This DNA examination will be matched between the victim's DNA and the comparative DNA from her family, either from her parents or her child, making it easier," he explained.

For that, Didi appealed to families of victims to be able to come to Bhayangkara Polri Hospital to do DNA sampling.

"For families who feel their family is a victim, we hope to come to be taken DNA and compared with DNA samples of victims,"
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