Explosive Fireworks Warehouse Employe Underage Workers

Explosive Fireworks Warehouse Employe Underage Workers
Victim death of firework warehouse brought to Police Hospital, Jakarta on Thursday (26/10) / Sindonews
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TANGERANG - There is a sad fact when Banten Governor, Wahidin Halim visited the victims of the fireworks warehouse blast in Kosambi, Tangerang District.

When saw the condition of the victims treated in hospitals Tangerang, Wahidin face change immediately. He was deeply concerned about the condition of the victims. Not only because of the condition of the victims who suffered burns, but also the age that still has a long future.

"The age of the victims is still below age of 15-18 years," Wahidin told at Tangerang District Hospital on Friday (27/10).

According to Wahidin, the owner of a firecracker factory has violated the Manpower Act so it must be subject to strict sanctions. Therefore, the warehouse employs minors.

"Moreover, they are given a low wage, which is obviously a violation: Employees are paid Rp40,000 a day working from morning to evening," he said.

Previously Wahidin requested that in the future there should be strict licensing and regular monitoring of industries that violate the safety standards of employees. This aims to prevent similar incidents from occurring.

To note, the factory manufacture fireworks managed PT Panca Buana Cahaya Sukses it is known to operate for only two months. The factory employs 103 people.

Owner of PT Panca Buana Cahaya Sukses, Indra Indra Liyono (40), has been taken to Polda Metro Jaya after this afternoon undergoing examination at Tangerang Police office.

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