Toyota Will Fight Mitsubishi Xpander-Wuling in Indonesia

Toyota Will Fight Mitsubishi Xpander-Wuling in Indonesia
Toyota Motor Corp (TCM), Japan.
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TOKYO - Indonesia becomes a big gamble of world car manufacturers in the Southeast Asian market. Not only Japanese manufacturers, but also manufacturers of Europe and China.

The success of low MPV Mitsubishi Xpander and Wuling Confero in Indonesia made Toyota Motor Corp (TMC) sultry.  This giant Japanese automotive is preparing a new product yakng believed to be able to block the two new idols in Indonesia.

"We will fight (with new products)," said Managing Officer of Toyota Motor Corp. (TMC), Hiroyuki Fukui in Tokyo on Friday (25/10).

As a developing country, Indonesia is considered to have a strong industry and automotive market. The growing number of middle class in Indonesia is believed to be one of the contributors to the growth of the automotive sector.

"Buying power in Indonesia is still big, your country is one of the great countries," Fukui said.

As a Japanese automotive company that has a large enough in Indonesia, Fukui said, TMC is very concerned about the industry and the Indonesian automotive market. Currently, Toyota has a global-standard production facility operated by PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN). Each Plant Sunter 1 and 2 in Jakarta and Plant 1, 2, and 3 at Karawang, West Java.

In addition to producing cars, Toyota factories also produce machines. With a total production capacity of 425,000 units and as many as 150,400 units are exported to various countries in the world.
Toyota Will Fight Mitsubishi Xpander-Wuling in Indonesia
As for the car distribution activities in Indonesia is controlled by PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) which is a joint venture between TMC and PT Astra International, Tbk.

"We are preparing the latest models that are certainly scheduled to launch," said Fukui who also served as President of Toyota Motor Asia Pacific (TMAP).

Fukui ensure, Toyota will bring some new models until the next few years. For electric cars (Electric Vehicle / EV) Fukui rate, the car with the technology will have a positive impact on the reduction of exhaust emissions. For EV cars already use a 100 percent electric power that is supported electric batteries that can be refilled. The resulting carbon emissions are also very low.
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