Police Set Two Suspects in Asphurindo Dualism Case

Police Set Two Suspects in Asphurindo Dualism Case
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JAKARTA - The bright spot for the completion of leadership dualism in the management of the Association of The Indonesia Hajj Umrah and In Bound Agencies (Asphurindo) is beginning to be seen.

"Investigator of Jakarta Police Jaya has submitted Notification Progress Result of Investigation (SP2HP) III: No: B/3337/X/2017/Ditreskrimum, dated October 20, 2017 which in essence explain that on October 13, 2017, Jakarta Police has done the case with the conclusion that on the basis of sufficient evidence, has set two suspects in the case of alleged counterfeiting deed of establishment. You can check directly to the Polda Metro Jaya," said Chairman of Asphurindo, Syam Resfiadi in Jakarta on Monday (30/10).

Related to the acknowledgment of parties on behalf of Asphurindo version of Munaslub, the results are then set forth in Notarial Deed No. 28 made by Notary Masdar Lira, SH, Notary in Bekasi and has been approved by the Minister of Law No. RI. AHU-0000-143.AH.08 Year 2017, it can be stated explicitly that the Munaslub held is an inconsistent Munaslub, since it has clearly violated the provisions of Article 14 of Article 14 of the Articles of Association of Jo's Articles of Association Asphurindo's Household Budget.

"With regard to the actions of the parties declaring themselves as the Asphurindo of the Munaslub version, we have issued a dismissal action to the parties concerned, as it has clearly violated the provisions of article 5 of the household budget jo article 8 and article 9 paragraph (4) of the code ethical organization Asphurindo," said Syam again.

Meanwhile, against the verdict of Judges of PTUN Jakarta No.73/G/2017/ PTUN-JKT, August 31, 2017, essentially declaring a lawsuit, an appeal has been made on the state administrative law.

"We have declared an appeal as evidenced by the Deed of Appeal No.73/G/2017/ PTUN-JKT dated September 8, 2017. And has delivered Memory of Appeal on September 20, 2017," he said.

Looking at a number of points above, Syam considered the legitimate and constitutional society that is based on the results of the Second National Assembly of Asphurindo which took place in Bogor, 9 -11 January 2017.

"We are still waiting for their good intentions, if they apologize and confess they are wrong, we can still report to the police," Syam said.

To note, the dualism of management occurred in Asphurindo after the State Administrative Court (PTUN) Jakarta decided the legitimate management headed by H Magnatis Chaidir as chairman and H Supratman Abdul Rahman as Secretary General.
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