Alexis Closed, Jakarta Provincial Government Refuses to Reveal Evidence

Alexis Closed, Jakarta Provincial Government Refuses to Reveal Evidence
Alexis Hotel.
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JAKARTA - Not renewed permission, management of Alexis Hotel and Griya Massage decided to stop business activities today. The vacancy has not been processed by the Jakarta Provincial Government for the purpose of the Tourism Business Registration (TDUP).

"We appreciate the letter issued by the Department of Investment and One Stop Service (PTSP). On that basis we suspended the operation of Alexis Hotel and Griya Massage because the extension of our TDUP license has not been processed," said Legal and Corporate Affairs Alexis Group, Lina Novita on Tuesday (31/10).

Lina said, this step is an initiative of the manager who deliberately stop this business activity indicates that the management side obey the rules. According to Lina, the management is ready to cooperate with the Jakarta Provincial Government  to support the Governor's policy.

Therefore, the hotel manager and Alexis massage griya will comply with the applicable regulations and pocket any permits required.

Lina reminded, Jakarta Provincial Government that the closure of business due to lack of permit extension will affect the fate of Alexis employees.

"They are the backbone of the family, and the closure of their work will cause them to lose their livelihood," Lina said.

Separately, the Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan is reluctant to disclose the evidences on which the Alexis Hotel and Griya Massage business license is not renewed.

But he claims to have pocketed some evidence related to a violation of morality in the venue. According to Anies, Jakarta Provincial Government and police can not show the evidence to the public.

"This (Alexis) different from the breaking building. If the infringing building can be photographed, the photo is appoint. This time (evidence violation Alexis) would be photographed, the picture showed, how can? " said Anies in Jakarta Police office on Tuesday (31/10).

Anies also asserted, Jakarta Provincial Government is not arbitrary decision. The government has evidence to no longer issue Alexis permission. One of the evidence is the existence of reports from the public.

"Therefore we say there is proof of all, there is data, and it becomes part of the consideration," said Anies.
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