Japan Has Left e-Toll Since 2006

Japan Has Left e-Toll Since 2006
E-toll gate.
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TOKYO - Indonesian government just implemented the use of e-toll cards or electronic toll cards (e-toll) to shorten the queue. Although regarded as an improvement, in fact, in Japan, non-cash payment using e-toll has long been abandoned and stopped since 2006.

Instead, it is the use of superior technology, the electronic toll collection payment system (ETC). Implementation of ETC in Japan conducted since 2001 and termination of e-toll usage after five years ago to overcome congestion.

"We are no longer using the cards. The toll-free cars will be provided in front of the car.  With a speed of 20 km/hour, the toll booth will open by itself," said Ogawa Tahahiro, tour guides entourage of journalists in Kyoto, recently.

According to him, the driver no longer stops to issue the card, because now the toll booth can be opened by using the tool and the amount of money to be issued was immediately known.

"We just make payments connected with credit cards," he said.

By using this tool, according to Ogawa, he is very helpful.

"In addition, there is a discount when entering the toll road at night, the discount can be up to 50 percent," he said.

"According to the data, 90 percent of car owners in Japan are using this equipment, and the toll road management is still providing cash payments, but this is only in some areas in the countryside," he said.
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